Tuesday, February 26, 2008

F/A series - 4

The Knob .....

A very interesting piece of the architectural splendour from Chettinad, the Knob. These ornamental knobs are seen at the main door, room doors (arai).

shown here are knobs on different doorset's .....

P.s. : what's an antique? what the Grandfather buys judiciously, Dad sells at throwaway price, the Grandson buys it back at a fancy price .... :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

F/A series - 3

நிலை or Nilai :-

This is the entrance design in the main door. The "Nilai" shows the grandeur of a someone's home. These are also done in the main rooms entrance too. Especially in the 1st "kattu" or கட்டு or the main "Valavu" , the rooms are the main அறை, for which they decorate with such an artistic Nilai.
Normally they depict a scene from Hindu mythology. Will follow this with more such closeup's on the Nilai.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Furniture / Architecture series - 2

In short, henceforth, F/A series ....

Check this out .... மனை or Manai ...

As informed earlier, these manai's are used predominantly in the marraiges, on which the Bride & the Groom get married to each other. These designs are almost simlar in every household in this area. The base made out of wood and the seat made of tiles, which are placed delicately over these base wooden planks.